Primary and Secondary Schools

We offer free art workshops to local schools inspired by our exhibitions. If you are interested in finding out more email


Gerald Moore Gallery is very proud of its contribution to the local community - through its free learning programme many primary and senior school children experience art workshops within the gallery every year and learn new art skills centred around our exhibitions. 


Workshop in the gallery 


Nathan Anthony Muscled Memory explores mark making through print and sculpture. His work takes inspiration from diverse sources including Ancient Near East cylinder seals from about 3400BC at The British Museum; to kitchen chopping boards used by Eltham College kitchen staff; to The Financial Times. Enjoy a tour around the exhibition and take part in a workshop. 


Clay work inspired by Anthony's Muscled Memory, explore patterns and carving shapes.

Suitable for ages 7-11

1.5 hour workshop 


Etching on Renalon and printing inspired by Anthony's Raw Meat series, explore mark making and printing techniques.

Suitable for ages 11-16

2 hour workshop 


Email for more details or to book