Orbits and Occults: Amalie Atkins, Suzanne Caines, Courtney Chetwynd, Alexandra Darbyshire, George Eksts, Charles Ogilvie, Neil Rough, Ehryn Torrell

14 March - 20 June 2015

Friday 20th March, 2015, the moon crosses between the sun and the earth, obscuring the sun's light.  Darkness, but only for a moment.  This ritual, practiced to perfection, has played out since the beginning and will repeat again and again.  A loop.  And every winter change to spring.


Orbits and Occults brings together eight contemporary artists to explore the ways in which we navigate complex and ever growing networks of cosmologies. As a group, these they explore the depth, power, and reach of the ideology, metaphors, and poetics of cosmologies within contemporary culture.


Curated by Amy Ash