MUSCLE WIRE: The body is a living archive

25 March - 22 April 2017

Gerald Moore Gallery is pleased to extend a warm invitation to the opening of its newly commissioned project, MUSCLE WIRE, Saturday 25 March 2-5pm, 2017.

MUSCLE WIRE is a research led residency and exhibition involving two contemporary artists, Amy Ash and Emma Finn, and a diverse group of A Level students from three south London Schools.


For one month, Ash and Finn worked alongside fifteen dedicated young people, using Gerald Moore Gallery as their studio space. Together, they carried out collaborative action-based research related to the future of memory.


MUSCLE WIRE aims to offer an alternative to traditional learning environments by inviting a group of young people to work alongside artists, both leading and assisting in the research generated. The artists were brought together by a shared interest in humankind’s ever-evolving relationship with information gathering and storage. The young people involved in MUSCLE WIRE were selected from the diverse communities of Eltham College, Thomas Tallis School and Erith School.


Amy Ash’s practice moves between curatorial projects, teaching and learning, installation, and other forms of making. Ash’s work aims to reveal the staging within the construction and regeneration of personal and cultural cosmologies, through explorations of contiguity and situated knowledge.


Using moving image and narrative, Emma Finn aims to transport viewers to uncomfortable places that sit between reality and invention. Marrying hi-fi with lo-fi techniques, she constructs worlds where multiple planes operate independently of one another, reflecting how technology allows us to create our own private heterotopias, as we attempt to communicate with one another.


In keeping with the gallery’s mandate to operate as a space which considers new approaches to learning, the MUSCLE WIRE commission is a space where regular educational hierarchies are dismantled.


Please join us as we celebrate the official opening  of  the MUSCLE WIRE exhibition, Saturday 25th March, 2-5pm, 2017. All are welcome and refreshments will be provided.

All MUSCLE WIRE participants will be present.


Gerald Moore Gallery, London, SE9 4RW /


Muscle Wire makes reference to shape-memory alloys; alloys that "remember" their original shape. If deformed, this category of alloy, returns to its pre-deformed shape when pressured by temperature.