Won't You Please: An exhibition by Rosemary Cronin

13 October - 8 December 2016

Gerald Moore Gallery presents a new body of work by London-based artist Rosemary Cronin, whose practice investigates gender politics, activism and anarchism. In these new works, Cronin works with sculpture, film and sound to explore female angst in a cinematic landscape. A concoction of pop culture loaded with a set of works that explore an unnerving sense of self, torn between a traditional women's role and the hope of a new wave.


The recurring white aesthetic identified in ‘Won’t You Please’ implies a sterile tabula rasa (a blank slate) on which to view the work. Gender is undoubtedly an intrinsic part of the narrative that is unfolding in this installation.


Gender dynamics and issues aside, the exhibition aims to engage fully with its viewers due to an interactive element, including prints which are to be taken away, and a chair with a sound feature, on which visitors are encouraged to sit.