SURFACE AND SOUTH INDIA: Six artists from India's Madras School interrogate the meaning of surface in art

9 September - 29 October 2016


Six artists from India’s Madras School interrogate the meaning of surface in art


Private View: Friday 9 September 2016, 4pm to 8pm


Exhibition: Saturdays 10am to 2pm, 10 September to 29 October 2016

Plus Special Events






T. Athiveerapandian, Ganesh Selvaraj, K. Benitha Perciyal, G. Raman, S. Ravi Shankar

and The Late A.P. Santhanaraj


Gerald Moore Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition Surface and South India. This show brings to the forefront six artists from The Noble Sage Art Collection in London for whom surface in their art has special meaning. This interest often connects them with ancient South Indian artistic tradition as well as simultaneously giving them a different future-facing articulation in an international contemporary art dialogue.


South India is an area steeped in its own particular Dravidian traditions, languages and cultures. Chennai, formerly Madras, is in the state of Tamil Nadu and is seen by many as the capital of the south, a city exemplifying the traditional values there.


Due to the long-standing division from North India and Tamil Nadu’s own very specific history and traditions of art, artists in Chennai became insular; able to work at a slower and arguably more considered artistic pace. Inspired by Dravidian temple painting, friezes and sculpture, many Chennai artists began to see that the process in which an artist deals with the limitations of two-dimensionality was perhaps the very identity of South Indian art.


The Noble Sage Art Collection


The Noble Sage Art Collection ( specialises in South Indian contemporary art, particularly art from the Madras school of art. The collection also has works from respected and highly collected artists from Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Situated in north London since 2006, the collection has recently moved to Hampstead.


Director Jana Manuelpillai has worked at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and the Mall Galleries, London, and holds qualifications in both History of Art and Museology. His expertise and knowledge has quickly developed his gallery into a formidable player in the London art scene. He is currently expanding the gallery’s activities by working on an art-travelogue pilot for television and creating links with schools in terms of art education.