Matisse: Drawing with Scissors. Late Works 1950-1954 (A Hayward Touring Exhibition at Gerald Moore Gallery)

14 January - 11 February 2017

The French painter, sculptor and designer, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was one of the 20th century's most influential artists. His vibrant works are celebrated for their extraordinary richness and luminosity of colour and his spectacular paper cut-outs were his final triumph.


MATISSE: Drawing with Scissors, a Hayward Touring exhibition from the Southbank Centre features 35 lithographic reproductions of the famous cut-outs that he produced in the last four years of his life, when confined to his bed. It includes many of his iconic images, such as The Snail and the Blue Nudes.


"There is no break between my old pictures and my cut-outs," Matisse wrote; "except that with greater completeness and abstraction I have attained a form filtered to its essentials." (Testimonial, 1951, see Flam, Matisse on Art, page 207)



Saturdays, 10am - 4pm, 14 January - 11 February 2017



Saturdays, 2 - 4pm, 28 January AND 11 February 2017


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