'Soft Façade' 10 November - 17 December 22

New group exhibition at Gerald Moore Gallery
November 15, 2022
 'Soft Façade' 10 November - 17 December 22
Jennifer Caroline Campbell's 'Painting on Ceremonial Gown with Fighting Figure. Azure Valley, Central Region, Temple of Fury. 2611 CE' (2022) functions as a documentation of an imaginary culture that is gazed from a distant future. Campbell's current work transports the audience to another time, they encounter her paintings and sculptures as fictional ethnographic artifacts. They also serve as windows to the lives and customs of a matriarchal civilisation that lived in a place called Azure Valley. Visit 'Soft Façade' to see this piece and other works by the artist.
'Soft Façade' is open every Saturday 10am to 4pm until 17th December 2022 or by appointment for other days.
Please join us this Saturday 19th November 2022 from 2 - 4pm for a second preview where you will get to meet some of the artists. Light refreshments will be served.
For more information, please click on the link below:
Photo: Jennifer Caroline Campbell

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