Private View: 'Drawing Boundaries'

July 3, 2022
Private View: 'Drawing Boundaries'

You are invited to the Private View of Drawing Boundaries, a group exhibition with works by Rebecca GriffithsEmily Snell and  Beth Luxton on Thursday 14th July 2022, 4 - 8pm. 
Light refreshments will be served. The artists will be present.

Boundaries create edges and mark a limit - they separate our inner and outer experience of the world and determine our bodies, objects and place in space. They make us feel safe whilst enabling invention and play. The theme of boundaries has been more significant than ever since the pandemic – we have had to redraw the boundaries between our private and public selves, and re-negotiate the boundaries that determine our physical world and our connection to other bodies.

The work in this exhibition will explore this theme in playful ways, asking: What happens when things spill out and refuse to be contained?  What happens when boundaries break or edges dissolve? How do we hold things together, or break walls apart? Working between sculpture, ceramics, drawing, digital animation and installation, the artists in this exhibition explore boundaries through an engagement with the tactile, transformative and fluid nature of materials.

Complementing the themes explored in the exhibition, Griffiths and Snell will each run one day workshops exploring clay, tactility and transformation and are part of Gerald Moore Gallery’s Summer Art Workshops.

Drawing Boundaries runs from 14 July – 13 Aug 2022
Private View: Thursday 14 July, 4pm-8pm
The exhibition is open Saturdays 10am-4pm or by appointment

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