Final Weekend of 'Extrusive Thoughts'

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May 19, 2022
Final Weekend of 'Extrusive Thoughts'
Jack Handscombe created this sandstone feature. The work represents his ability to link disparate sources to create unique pieces that feel natural and familiar. The pieces are intentionally paired to mirror one another. If you look at them from varying angles, it seems as though the mound could be the crater and the crater the mound. Their differences are highlighted by different shades of colour and by different sizes. It appears as though they have been made with each other in mind, fitting into one another perfectly. In the body of work, Jack is exhibiting, ‘Mound and Crater’ works as a stand-alone piece, yet it links to the architectural like shaping of rainbows in his ‘Arch’ series.
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Pictured: 'Mound and Crater' by Jack Handscombe
Image: Jack Handscombe

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