SEND and Wellbeing

Art Therapy in Schools


We are currently working with a local Primary School to support the emotional wellbeing of their pupils through art therapy. Elaine Homer, a HCPC registered art therapist, will lead sessions at the gallery and use images of art works featured in the Gallery exhibitions as a stimulus for art therapy at school.  


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Art therapy in galleries is an exciting new area of practice. Engaging with objects and images through art, drama and play can help young people to:


  • get in touch with their feelings
  • relate better to others
  • become more self-aware
  • express their creativity to a wider audience


What we can offer you:

A project designed to enhance well-being and fit in with your whole school approach.

A taster workshop for staff to find out about art therapy and reflect on well-being through art.

7 weeks of free group art therapy sessions for pupils, with art materials provided by the gallery.  This includes one session at the gallery to respond to the latest exhibition and another to create a pop-up gallery at the end of the project.

A chance for group members to express their feelings with a qualified art therapist through the arts in a safe and confidential space.

The opportunity to evaluate positive changes using questionnaires and for the project to be written up to be shared with other art therapy and education professionals.


What we will need from you:

Three 1-hour meetings: An initial planning meeting; a referral meeting to work out who will be in the group and a meeting to review progress at the end.

Our permissions letters signed by someone with parental responsibility consenting to art therapy. 

Two visits to the gallery: week 1 and week 7

Regular use of a room in your school: the same quiet confidential space each week, for 5 weeks.

Access to a water supply and lockable storage for artwork.

A weekly 20 minute debrief meeting after the sessions with a regular member of staff for feedback and to share any concerns.

Possibly TA support in the group, depending on the level of need.


Referral criteria:

Pupils referred to the group might show:

-       anxiety

-       challenging behaviour

-       social and communication difficulties;

-       history of trauma and attachment difficulties

-       be coping with loss such as recent bereavement.


Art therapy can help young people to feel better and more confident by expressing their strengths and difficulties and through art; drama and play.