May Half Term workshops

This May half term, we have two workshops every day on Mon-Wed, so join us on either a morning or afternoon or both...


Monday 30th  - 10 am – 12 pm

Windsocks Making Workshop Celebrating Children’s Day

Koinobori (Carp Streamer) are carp shaped windsocks to celebrate Children’s Day in Japan, which takes place in May. They are hung outside of houses of families with children.

Taking inspiration from Koinobori, we will be making windsocks  in our workshop. Children will be able to decorate them how they want. Once finished, we will hang them outside in the wind.  


Monday 30th  - 2 pm– 4 pm

Make Your Own Flag 

Create your own flag, learn flag symbology and make one that represents your own thoughts and feelings. Using textiles and paint, make a unique colourful symbol to wave proudly. 


Tuesday 31st - 10 am – 12 pm

Print and Collage on T-shirt  

Design your own T-shirt, create a collaged image and learn how to transfer it onto a t-shirt. Use our amazing collection of images and bring in your own photographs/printed images you want to include on your own unique t-shirt.


Tuesday 31st - 2pm-4pm

Design A Character: By Simple Mono-print

On this experimental workshop, each student will explore simple monotype process to create a character independently and design costumes in the collaboration with other participants. Students will be encouraged to play with composition, experiment with mark making and explore unfamiliar techniques to catch unexpected visual outcomes. Suitable for absolute beginners.


Wednesday 1st 10 am – 12 pm

Create a Memory Box

Create a memory box/shadow box inspired by Joseph Cornell. Learn to make a box, and use collage and assemblages to create a personal interior. Bring along some meaninglful objects from home for inspiration.


Wednesday 1st - 2pm - 4pm

Plaster building, Architectural Façades 

Come on a journey of making. Using clay, plaster and more materials to create a beautiful façade of a building. Learn the techniques that people have used for centuries and take home a beautiful artwork that you can display with pride.