Hayrettin Kozanoglu: Multiple States of One: Gerald Moore gallery presents a new series of works by Hayrettin Kozanoglu

23 February - 13 April 2019
Gerald Moore Gallery presents Multiple States of One, an exhibition of Ebru art by Hayrettin Kozanoglu. The range of works on display began with one drop of Ebru-paint; from this single drop, a dualist form (a face) appeared in 2014 and it is with this template that Kozanoglu, via repeated demarcating stencils, inside his water tray, creates experimental and unique 'Multiple States of One'. 


The Turkish art of marbling: Ebru is performed using aqueous natural pigments mixed with ox-gall in a rectangular trough filled with thickened water, traditionally prepared using gum-tragacanth. Colours are sprinkled using brushes made of rose stalks and horsehair on the surface of the thickened water in the trough. The floating pattern is taken off on paper after being reshaped and retouched using pins, needles and combs.  


Ebru is more than just an art form, it is the gathered knowledge, history and mysticism of a deep artistic and cultural journey. Taking its starting point in the traditional craftsmanship of Ebru, Hayrettin Kozanoglu manages to translate the Ebru of past times into a present day contemporary art practice. 


Starting his artistic journey in 2000, Kozanoglu only had his first Ebru lesson in 2009. Subsequently mastering the traditional techniques he started creating his own more experimental style within Ebru marbling. Now, he continues to teach at Yunus Emre Institute and offer workshops in Ebru art in both traditional and modern styles from his London studio  


With this exhibition, Kozanoglu, despite being very talented in classic Ebru Art, has embarked on a new challenging journey of experimentation. He is bringing the Ebru Art form out of its traditions, introducing it to a new wider audience.