Pilates at the Gerald Moore Gallery

Get fit in a gallery!
March 14, 2023
Pilates at the Gerald Moore Gallery

Fridays are for fitness at the Gerald Moore Gallery! 


Join Amanda Jagger for an hour of Pilates straight after school drop off on a Friday morning. You can choose from an 8.30am or a 9.30am class. These classes are for people who have some movement experience, however, beginner introductory sessions can be arranged to get you started. 


Amanda has been a parent at Eltham College for 16 years and has been teaching for 23 years. 15 of those were as a teacher of languages followed by a change of career becoming a Pilates teacher in 2015. Classes have been running at the GMG for the past 8 years. 


About Amanda

I grew up dancing and playing sports of all kinds. I can’t imagine  life without movement. I have seen how movement can improve mental and emotional wellbeing and how it can relieve pain. As well as keeping us fit and strong to enable us to continue with our busy lives it can also help to manage and sometimes eliminate lower back pain. So many times people come to sessions wanting to get fit and tone up but they are often surprised how they feel mentally fitter and free from aches, pains and general stiffness after a class. Sedentary occupations and life-styles often lead to back and neck pain, movement can be the perfect antidote. 


Friday group classes are suitable for people who are injury-free however if you have a chronic pain condition, a neurological condition or want to concentrate on some rehab or prehab it is possible to book private sessions tailored to your specific needs. 


You can find more information at www.Pilates4.com 

to contact Amanda email mail@amandajagger.com

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