In a world with so many opportunities to be heard, the white noise can drown out young people's voices. Gerald Moore Gallery and Arts Council England have given 12 of them a unique chance to be heard - curating a contemporary art show.  The result is a revealing, and often moving, exhibition.

Gerald Moore Gallery presents a new group exhibition of five artists curated by 12 students from Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich, Thomas Tallis School (Kidbrooke) and Eltham College (Mottingham), supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.  In this ambitious, experimental and experiential curatorial initiative, Youth Uncovered asks the question:  "What does it mean to be a young person today?"

In June 2015, the group sent out an international call for submissions from artists.   The response was overwhelming, with quality submissions from artists across Europe, the United Kingdom and North America.  Five artists were chosen by the young people involved.  They worked with the artists to curate and contribute to the shape of the exhibition.

The group wants visitors to hear what they have to say about their diverse backgrounds, society's expectations, their own hopes for the future, technology dependence and the weighty social pressures on all of them.

Social norms dictate blogging, vlogging or tweeting for self expression and communication but, instead, this group of intelligent young women and men have had the physical space to come together to present a strong voice, offering an insight into their worlds.

"The result is an atypical display of what it really means to be a young person today - our anxieties and fears, our hopes and dreams," says Georgina Baker, Thomas Tallis School.

Youth Uncovered is showing at Gerald Moore Gallery until 18 June 2016.  The Gallery is open on Saturdays from 12pm - 4pm and out of hours visits can be arranged with gallery staff.

Gerald Moore Gallery is a centre for learning and contemporary art in South East London.  Sitting in the grounds of Eltham College is occupies a key role in both the school community and the greater locale, offering a safe place for experimental learning.  Gerald Moore Gallery aims to push the boundaries of conventional educational hierarchies and models.

Courses and workshops are part of our public programme and all proceeds help support exhibitions, special events and outreach programmes for the local community.


For further information/photography, to organise out of hours visits or speak to the artists/students, please contact:

Susan Barr
Gerald Moore Gallery
0208 857 0448/ 07734 103 082

May 10, 2016